Dr. Ramya Ranganathan has a B.Tech in Electronics from IIT Madras, a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad and a PhD in Organizational Behaviour from London Business School. She has been awarded by the MHRD (Govt of India) for being one of the top 15 innovators in higher education in India, has won an academy of management best paper award and has delivered 3 TED talks. She leverages her corporate experience (ICICI, Citibank and Infosys), as well as learnings from over a decade of being a faculty at IIM Bangalore to coach individuals to be more effective in their personal and professional lives. 

In parallel to teaching as an adjunct faculty at IIM Bangalore, Dr Ramya now runs a venture www.craftingourlives.com to help people find joy and meaning through their work. She has impacted over 10,000 participants worldwide through her coaching and workshops over the past decade. Apart from coaching she also conducts workshops on Leadership, Executive Resilience, Innovation, Design thinking, Mindfulness, Conscious Living and Holistic Energy Management, for individuals as well as organizations to catalyse change that is driven from the inside. She is on the advisory board of Samatvam, centre for mindfulness at IIM Bodhgaya, and Kohai and she has conducted workshops for more than 50 organizations spanning public sector, private sector and educational institutions. She has multiple courses online including courses on the edX and swayam platforms. 

Dr. Ramya is certified in the Coaching with Depth Methodology by IIT Madras and PeopleFirst Consulting, in Life and Leadership Coaching by Coach For Life Institute, USA and Back to Source, India, in Pranic Psychotherapy by World Pranic Healing Foundation, in Reiki, in Access Consciousness, and in Yogic approach to holistic development from SVYASA University. She integrates multiple modalities and creates customized meditations and activities to help shift mindsets, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. You can access her talks and video courses and meditations at www.craftingourlives.com 

If you are an entrepreneur figuring out product-market fit, facing first-mover challenges, or are a Professional considering career change, would highly recommend the Masterclass. It is highly time-efficient, crisp packed with actionable content, and Dr.Ramya provides great clarity on the challenges to be prepared for and practical approaches in finding contexts and building your tribe, where your authentic self (your differences) will become USP.

- Uma Nandhini


 Message in the masterclass spreads a lot of light.

Thanks for a great session.

-Apoorva Bhalla


Thank you so much for such an insightful masterclass! :) so mind-blowing

-Clevelyn Tobing            


Such an insightful masterclass Ramya! Crisp and so valuable! Loved the way you personalized it with stories from your personal life!



Dr. Ranganathan, thank you so much for such an insightful and nicely conducted masterclass on Design Thinking! Your presentation style is very energetic and friendly. You made the concepts and key takeaways very clear.

 - Anuj Bhatia


Thank you Ramya. Always great to learn from you.

- Rajeev Gollapudi


Thanks Ramya for some wonderful insights …I have some hacks to workwith now.

- Chitra Arora


Lots of interesting points!

- Neena Natarajan


Thank you Ramya! Lots of useful food for thought!



 Thanks Ramya ! The mountain climbing analogy really helped to understand how to approach goals ! Thanks for your time.

-Deepti P.


Thanks for a wonderful masterclass Ramya. Very relatable! And inspiring!

-Geeta Prakash


Thanks Ramya for an insightful, enlightening masterclass !



Enlightening and energizing as always. Thanks a lot Ramya!

- Swato Garg

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