About Us
About Us

I am Ramya Ranganathan. I am a coach, a professor and a poet and I delight in facilitating my clients in their own unique journeys of creation, excellence and expansion. I am free, non-judgmental, joyful and confident as I hold space for beauty, creation and expansion. I truly know that your Work can be your best friend, a most exhilarating adventure, and a canvas to live your dreams. I am here to open that possibility for you. 

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What is the purpose of Crafting Our Lives?

My purpose in life is to catalyze aliveness – in individuals, groups, and organizations. In this website, you will find access to my online programs, live talks, and webinars, as well as other products through which I create a bridge between the Academic World and the Common Man —translating scientific research into practical tools that people can apply in their personal and professional lives. 

I am here to solve the problem of people feeling unhappy, sad, demotivated, drained or trapped in their lives and careers. I am here to show people that they are co-creators of their life experiences. I am here to empower them to acknowledge their gifts, reclaim their power, and move forward with confidence. I am here to help people get out of the prisons that they live in – be it in terms of their limiting beliefs, be it conditioning from the past, be it a lack of confidence, or an inability to recognize the resources and opportunities that are already present in their lives. 

I am here to help people craft their careers, to craft their lives. I help people reframe their situations, worldviews and sensemaking so that they can create a life that actually works for them

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