What is my coaching philosophy?

Coaching is really a partnership between the coach and the client that comes to life within a productive and result-oriented context. Coaching works only when clients are ready to be coached. For its success, it is imperative that both parties enter into it willingly with clear expectations and agreements on how the process will work. As a coach I will invite you to challenge yourself and to experiment with new behaviours and actions so that we can generate new possibilities for your future. I will push you at times to inquire into your old beliefs and to break your old mental models and patterns. I will push you to commit to small but regular action steps so that you can create lasting and transformational change for yourself. 

What are the various offerings?

Here are a few different ways of engaging with me

  • Private Coaching - Whatever situation is troubling you or even only preventing you from exploiting all your talents and enjoying all your undertakings, coaching can help you look at it from different, unconventional perspectives and help you discover facets of it that have until now been blurred or unclear to you. Find out more here.

  • Cohort Courses - There is a lot of freedom, learning from shared human experiences and motivation for progress when we have people around us going through similar journeys. I periodically offer cohort courses on themes of owning your life, choosing happiness and re-igniting your career. The home page will have the details on courses that are currently open for registration.

  • Corporate Workshops - I conduct customized workshops / learning interventions (in person as well as online) for organizations based on their specific training and development needs. Find more here.

  • Free One-hour Masterclass - Every month, I conduct a Free Masterclass on the theme of the month. To attend, you can subscribe yourself to our newsletter or follow us on social media, so that you can receive regular updates. Alternatively, you can check our website for upcoming events. Call details are shared via email with those who register.

  • 90 min online workshops - To build further on the theme of the month and the Masterclass, I conduct a 90 minute online Workshop towards the end of each month. These are paid workshops and the recent ones can be found here on my instamojo store. Participants who sign up for the workshops, will get the free unedited recording of my Masterclass of that month and also a resource list, post workshop, to delve deeper into the topic. Call details, recording links etc are shared via email.

  • Recorded Products - If you cannot attend the live Masterclass or Workshop, I offer recorded sessions on various themes ranging from Self Image to Managing Conflict to Design Thinking. They are 60 or 90 mins recorded sessions which include questions that real participants asked (and thus may strike a chord with you). You can find these recordings to purchase on my instamojo store.
  • Links to the recorded session will be shared via email. The link will always be active and there is no expiry to your purchase.

How to register?

Depending on which program or product you are opting for, you can follow the process by visiting the related page. If you are confused, you can write to us at contact@craftingourlives.com

Refunds and Cancellations

  • Coaching services / Cohort Courses

Once a coaching service (whether in single or multiple sessions) is bought, there are no refunds. If there is a compelling reason, you can discuss it with me and I can accommodate a delayed joining, or continuation in a later batch or on a later date. 

  • Digital products (video recordings)

  • Returns, refunds and cancellations are not accepted. You will be receiving the link to the product with a lifetime availability, upon payment; hence there is no scope for a refund.

  • Events, Seminars and Workshops

Purchase of tickets to events, seminars and workshops are non-refundable or reimbursable once purchased. For all our paid workshops, we share the video recording and list of resources for every participant; hence refund is not applicable.

  • Corporate Workshop

Corporate workshops will be cancelled only in case of extreme emergencies. I have never had to cancel them so far. In case of cancellation from my side I will offer a full refund or offer to conduct the same at an alternate date depending on the preference of the client. 

Secure Payments

Shipping in India

Great Value & Quality