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Goal Setting - Tricks and Traps
Goal Setting - Tricks and Traps

Goal Setting - Tricks and Traps

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Goal-Setting is actually a double-edged sword. On one hand, it holds the potential to spike productivity, align energies, create a sense of purpose, and provide direction. On the other hand, however, it can create stress, anxiety, fear of failure, narrowed focus, limited possibilities (by blocking out wider considerations).

Goal setting can also create a tendency to take shortcuts that can lead us to compromise on values. It can lower self-esteem through creating a feeling of ‘not enough’. In this masterclass, you will learn how you can work with goals in a way that you can leverage the benefits of goal setting and yet at the same time mitigate the potential downsides. You will learn how you can master the art of goal setting such that your living and working is not just productive but also joyous, value-driven and expansive for you.

Facilitator's profile - https://linktr.ee/dr.ramyaranganathan

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