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Thriving During Uncertainity
Thriving During Uncertainity

Thriving During Uncertainity

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Our brain by default does not like uncertainty. The first reaction of our brain is to get into a panic state and treat the uncertainty as a threat. Yet we know that uncertainty also brings with it opportunities - seeds of possibilities and new pastures to explore.


Is it actually possible then to manage our brain (in the moment) and retrain (over time) to respond uncertainty in a different way? Is it possible to let go of the fear and stress and instead wear an attitude of discovery and curiosity?

Learn how you can consciously switch your brain to operate in the state of excitement - of wonder, curiosity and anticipation. A state where science has shown that it is actually much more likely for your brain to discover new pathways, connections and possibilities.

Facilitator's profile - https://linktr.ee/dr.ramyaranganathan

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